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Birdathon Team Support

Birdathon logoTo support the Columbus Audubon Birdathon with a contribution right now, just select one of the teams from the list below, select a contribution amount, and click on the Donate button. You will be taken to a secure page on which you can enter your credit card or PayPal account information. It takes only a minute, so go right ahead! And thank you for supporting Columbus Audubon.

Choose the team to support by clicking on the button next to the team name. (The number next to each team name is the approximate number of birds that the team expects to see.)

Deck Birds - 1
Cheri Brown
Pat Barron
Bev May
Pete Precario
Early Birders (OYBC) - 116
Central Ohio Young Birders
Advisors: Tim Daniel, Nina Harfmann, Susan Setterlin, Darlene Sillick
EcoWeekenders - 101
Dave Horn
All EcoWeekend Attendees!
Green Lawn Gnatcatchers - 30
Warren Grody
Open Team!
Happy Feet - 100
Suzan Jervey
Tod Jervey
Chrissy Hoff
Susan Wasmund
Low Carbon Footprinters - 70
Dave Horn
Bruce Renard
Katryn Renard
Metro Parks Stellar Jays - 90
Jim Davidson
Joe Meara
John Watts
Mudflat Herons - 160
Jackie Bain
Tom Bain
Julie Davis
Ken Davis
Neat Nests - 40
Fred Lancia
Jordan Parrott
OSU Campus Birds - 50
Angelika Nelson
Members being recruited!
Red-Eyed Weary-o's - 100
Open Team!
Alyn Harrison
Earl Harrison
Slate (Run) Colored Juncos - 100
Slate Run Colored Juncos Team LogoLinda Benner
Andrea Krava
Lori Patterson

Swans and Coots - 70
Alan Cohen
Clyde Gosnell
Paul Knoop
Katryn Renard
Louise Warner
Two Footed Boobies (open) - 90
Marion Farber
Melanie Shuter
Mary Kay Wood
Two in a Bush - 65
Elaine Fujimura
Margaret Moran
Wandering Warblers - 100
Nadya Bennett
Barb Revard
Stephen Revard
Geoff Winningham
Wild Birds Unlimited Riverside - 165
WBU Riverside 2012Bill Heck
Steve Landes
Tom Sheley
Wild Birds Unlimited Westerville
Charlie Bombaci
Mike Flynn
Dan Hall
Leslie Sours
Witchety Witchety Witches - 40
Tamara James
Kristan Leedy

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