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GIAC Welcomes Audubon Chief Scientist, Dr. Gary Langham

Dr Gary Langham, Chief Scientist at AudubonDr Gary Langham, Chief Scientist at Audubon

Dr. Gary Langham, National Audubon's chief scientist, will be in Columbus to attend and present at the 2012 EcoSummit. On Monday, October 1, GIAC and Columbus Audubon members are invited to a special event to hear insights on conservation from Dr. Langham. This members-only event will be held at GIAC at 7:00 p.m.

Gary joined Audubon in June 2011 after four years as director of bird conservation for Audubon California. At Audubon California, Dr. Langham led a team that developed a predictive GIS-based model that identifies specific habitat areas and species at risk from climate change. Audubon is now expanding this groundbreaking approach to encompass 600 bird species across North America and to create a framework for innovative conservation planning. He also pioneered many successful conservation solutions benefiting diverse bird species, including the endangered California condor and threatened western snowy plover.

"The leadership Gary showed in creating the 'no regrets' climate change model is the kind of bold thinking Audubon needs," said Audubon president and CEO David Yarnold. "He has both broad science expertise and acute insight on how the intersection of social change and innovative technology can drive effective conservation. Audubon has always been a science-based organization; Gary's leadership will bring new creativity and impact to our work."

As chief scientist, Dr. Langham is instrumental in shaping and implementing Audubon's conservation strategy. He leads efforts to promote and expand citizen science programs including Audubon's Christmas Bird Count, to broaden the Important Bird Areas initiative, and to engage partners, donors, and other stakeholders in Audubon's science work.