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Melody Migrates: Following a Piping Plover


Plover Chick
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Melody Migrates: Part 1 - The Journey Begins

At Audubon, October is plover month. This installment is the first in our five-part series following a fictional plover, Melody, along her first migration. Only 8,000 Piping Plovers remain in the wild. Follow Melody's journeyand visit our interactive story map to learn more about Piping Plovers and what you can do to help shorebirds and their habitats everywhere.

Meet Melody

Meet Melody, a Piping Plover with problems. It's been just over a month since Melody hatched from a small speckled egg no larger than a golf ball. Originally one of three chicks, Melody is already on her own. Her newly hatched sister and brother were killed by raccoons, and though Melody survived, more threats face her in the year ahead... Read More