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March 25, 2018
Red-bellied Woodpecker - Photo Lisa Phelps

Do Woodpeckers Suffer Brain Damage?

Woodpeckers pound away day after day, banging their bills (and heads) into trees. You would think they would get headaches and, more importantly, would suffer serious […]
March 22, 2018

Triple Amazon Smile Donations through March

Attention Amazon shoppers! If you have been thinking of signing up for Amazon Smile but didn’t get around to it, now is the time! From now […]
March 22, 2018
At The Ohio State University Museum of Biological Diversity

OSU Museum Open House: Saturday, April 7, 2018

Don’t forget: our friends at the OSU Museum of Biological Diversity will hold their annual open house on Saturday April 7, 2018, 10:00 am – 4:00 […]
March 21, 2018
This warbler did not survive a building collision. It doesn't have to be like this.

Volunteers Needed to Transport Injured Birds

As part of a statewide Lights Out network, we will start monitoring birds that are distracted by lights on OSU campus and collide with buildings. We will […]
March 19, 2018
Scouts planting Spicebush at the Green Lawn Pond

Earth Day Work Day at Green Lawn

Join Columbus Audubon in a work day for Earth Day at Green Lawn Cemetery on April 14 from 9:00 am to noon! The main effort will […]
March 19, 2018
Rusty Blackbird - Photo Andy Reago / Chrissy McClarren

A Little Rusty on Rusty Blackbirds?

Even if your blackbird ID skills are a little "rusty", you can spot Rusty Blackbirds and maybe help us understand why their numbers are declining.
March 17, 2018
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AS of Greater Cleveland Photo Contest

The Audubon Society of Greater Cleveland’s annual photo contest is now open – and it’s open to all Ohioans, not just Clevelanders. In fact, one of […]
February 10, 2018
Great Blue Heron - Photo Earl Harrison

Audubon Convention Scheduled

The National Audubon Society has announced plans for the next Audubon Convention! The 2019 Convention will be held July 26-28, 2019, in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. There, the Wisconsin Audubon Council, Milwaukee […]
February 7, 2018
Saw-whet Owl hiding in the branches

Finding Saw-whet Owls

Maybe you’ve always wanted to find a Northern Saw-whet Owl — but alas, no luck. Audubon is here to help! One of the tiniest raptors in […]