Scioto Grove Metro Park in May - Photo Kaylan Phillips


Song Sparrow Award Recipients

The Song Sparrow Award, established in 1996, recognizes outstanding contributions by Audubon members who promote CA’s mission, often over the course of years. Typically at least one Song Sparrow award is given every year for service in education or conservation or for other meritorious service.

1996Dennis Bahnsen, Bernie Master, Manon Van Schoyck
1997Al Blyth, Curt Greene
1998Tom Thomson, Rex Kuhn (posthumous)
1999Jim Davidson, Lois Day, Ernie Limes
2000Marlene Woo Lun, Katryn Renard
2001Joan & John Arnfield
2002Tom Sheley
2003Jan Rodenfels
2004Charlie Bombaci, Deborah & Ken Buckley, Kristan Leedy
2005Rob Thorn, John Wilson
2006Darlene Silllick, Sharon Treaster
2007Mike Flynn, Dave Horn, Susan Setterlin
2008Roz Horn, Mary Ann Hrabley, Liz Melick
2009Jenny Bowman, Stefanie Hauck, Dick Tuttle
2010Julie Davis, Johann Cozart, Joe Meara
2011Sarah Dalton, Clyde Gosnell, Louise Warner
2012Elaine Smith
2013Mike Maier
2017Barbara Revard
Song Sparrow - Photo Tom Sheley
Song Sparrow – Photo Tom Sheley

National Audubon Great Egret Award

The Great Egret Award, a National Audubon award, is given to individuals who have made significant, long-term contributions to Audubon and to conservation in pursuit of the Audubon mission. Click here to learn more about the Great Egret Award.

2006Lois & John Day
2008Jim Davidson
2010Roz & Dave Horn
2017Bill Heck
Great Egrets - Photo Earl Harrison
Great Egrets – Photo Earl Harrison

Junior Conservation Award

The Junior Conservation Award recognizes outstanding contributions by Audubon family members under the age of 18 in the area of conservation.  This, our newest award, was created in 2008.  The award is intended to be given on an “as appropriate” basis, and will not necessarily be given every year.

2008Spencer Rieser
2012Livingston Elementary
2014Stephen Bischoff

James Chase Hambleton Award

The James Chase Hambleton Award, previously know as the Columbus Audubon Conservation Award, was established in 2008.  This award recognizes outstanding contributions by members or non-members who promote CA’s mission, particularly in the areas of conservation and education. This award is not given every year.

2008Blaine Keckley
2011Ralph Ramey
2012Cardinal Health Foundation, Columbus Zoo Foundation
2013John O’Meara
2014Jim McCormac
2018Tom Sheley
2018-19Katryn Renard
James Chase Hambleton, First President of Columbus Audubon
James Chase Hambleton, First President
of Columbus Audubon