Dave and Roz Horn with their Great Egret Award


Dave and Roz Horn with their Great Egret AwardDave and Roz Horn have been members of Columbus Audubon since 1974.

Dave has been a long time part of the Avid Birders group of Columbus Audubon. In the early days, he planned a number of extended out-of-town trips for the Avid Birders, including trips to such hot spots as Texas, Arizona, New Mexico and Colorado. He has served multiple terms as a trustee and as president of Columbus Audubon. Further, he has supported Columbus Audubon in a number of other ways, including EcoWeekend since 1997, as a fundraiser in directing the entertainment book sales, and, perhaps most importantly, as Chair of the Conservation Committee. He has also been active in other organizations that bring together professionals and amateurs who love nature and strive to preserve the natural world, such as the Ohio Lepidopterists. He currently serves as the Executive Director of the Ohio Biological Survey. The purposes of the Survey are: to secure accurate and detailed information concerning the occurrence, distribution, and ecology of the plants and animals in Ohio for the people in general and for those engaged in education, conservation, and science in particular; to publish the results of biological surveys and scientific studies on the taxonomy, distribution, and ecology of plants and animals in Ohio or in a wider geographical area of which Ohio is an integral part; and to collect, identify, describe, and distribute biological materials that may be of service in education and research. Such information and services are not only of great academic significance but also are basic to successful agriculture, to prudent management of our natural resources, and to maintenance of environmental quality.

Since 2000, Roz has been a major force in EcoWeekend, and in charge of it for the past several years.  EcoWeekend is the annual three-day event sponsored by Columbus Audubon in the woodlands of Hocking County that provides a major educational experience in conservation, ecology and knowledge of the natural world for participants of all ages. It requires a tremendous commitment of time and leadership talent to organize and coordinate the many facets of this event, including the recruitment of expert volunteers to lead a variety of outdoor programs on everything from bats and butterflies to wildflowers and sustainable home landscaping. Literally thousands of children and adults have been introduced to the natural world and ways to preserve it through this event.


Award Citation

Roz and Dave Horn:  In recognition of more than 35 years of service to the National Audubon Society and Columbus Audubon through their work as Officers, Board Members, Committee Chairs, managing EcoWeekend, working with the Avid Birders, and countless other volunteer activities; this dedicated couple has worked diligently and tirelessly to promote the Audubon mission and make Columbus Audubon what it is today.