WBU Riverside TomSheleyColumbus Audubon’s James Chase Hambleton Award was presented to Tom Sheley in 2018. This award recognizes Tom’s outstanding contributions to promote Columbus Audubon’s mission, particularly in the areas of conservation and education.

As a board member, Tom may have set some sort of record in terms of length of service. His colleagues simply would not let him go because he consistently approached board service in a thoughtful way, offering imaginative approaches, and with utmost respect for colleagues.

Tom’s “conservation fingerprints” are all over our central Ohio region. For example, area residents who have enjoyed seeing birds at Green Lawn Cemetery feeding on insects and seeds on native plants in the spring and summer, or snatching seeds from well-stocked feeders in the winter, you can thank Tom. Similarly, those who have enjoyed a peaceful walk at our beautiful Calamus Swamp preserve should pause to thank Tom as well. These are just two recent examples; Tom has been working hard on bird conservation for years.

Finally, any organization seeking to do good in the community, including Columbus Audubon, needs funding. Tom understands that and has been a great part of keeping Columbus Audubon financially strong through his leadership in the Birdathon and other fundraisers, and even moreso in his own generosity. Tom has made his business, Wild Birds Unlimited of Columbus, the headquarters for the annual Columbus Audubon Bird Seed Sale, devoting all of the profits from the sale directly to Columbus Audubon.

For these and so many more contributions, we are proud to honor Tom Sheley with the 2018 James Chase Hambleton Award.