Volunteer Spotlight

February 27, 2017
Warren Grody at Green Lawn

Volunteer spotlight: Warren Grody

Warren Grody is our Columbus Audubon hero not only at Green Lawn, but in the office as well. In this Volunteer Spotlight video, we chat with Warren about this experiences with Columbus Audubon.
October 30, 2016

Volunteer spotlight: Blaine Keckley

Blaine Keckley is our Columbus Audubon hero at Calamus Swamp! We talk with Blaine about this experiences at Calamus and the work that he does there.
April 29, 2016
Katryn Renard

Volunteer Spotlight: Katryn Renard

Katryn Renard is a long-time Audubon volunteer, having served on the board and as president. She's best known, though, as the long-time "Boss of Birdathon" and organizer of the hugely successful Service in the Preserves program.