Northern Mockingbird (immature) eating Pokeweed berries - Photo Dave Maslowski

Audubon has just rolled out a brand new program called Plants for Birds. It starts with a Plants for Birds Web site.(Go to the Web site and scroll down to see the introductory video.) The website has a database of more than 3,000 bird-friendly U.S. native plants that visitors can search by ZIP code.

Audubon is first about birds, so why plants? Native plants provide food, shelter, and places for birds to nest. Native plants also help birds weather the effects of climate change, and they reduce pollution and water use, promoting more healthy habitats for birds. So this is Audubon’s unique role in the native plants conversation: We’re in it for the birds! Over the next few months, we are aiming to engage 50,000 people to put 1,000,000 new native plants in the ground.

So go ahead and make a difference for the birds, Plant a native plant — or two or three or many. It’s a way that you can make a big difference for birds. Visit the Plants for Birds Web site to learn more.