Columbus Audubon

January 8, 2000

Avids Press on in the New Millenium: 8 January, 2000

Seventeen Avid Birders drove in a tight formation of five vehicles to Lake Erie once more on 8 Jan, hopeful despite southerly winds and a lack […]
December 11, 1999

Nine Ticks for a Party of Seven: 11 December, 1999

The temperature finally dropped below 40 degrees for the last Avids trip of the millenium as seven hardy souls ventured northward in search of early winter […]
November 20, 1999

What Month is it Anyway?: 20 November, 1999

If I were asked by someone to describe a typical November Avid Birders trip, I would probably describe a cold, windy day along the central basin […]
October 9, 1999

Avids’ Eyes on Sparrows: 9 October, 1999

Thirteen Avid Birders ignored the weather and various sports spectacles on October 9 to look for birds of the season. It was a good time of […]
September 4, 1999

The Labor Day Weekend Adventure: 4 September, 1999

The Avid Birders’ Labor Day trip had its laborious aspects. Nineteen of us drove through clouds that had dropped right down to the deck–as well as […]