American Goldfinch at a feeder in Canton (Photo Lisa Phelps)

Here are the Saturday dates for Avid Birders outings for the coming year. Usually the exact destinations are decided a day or two ahead of time to take advantage of the best birding possibilities. Members on our email list receive notifications of the plans by Thursday whenever possible. Unusual outings — ones that may require a night spent away, travel outside Ohio, or extra expenses, etc.— will be announced well in advance via email notices. If you want to be included on the email list, please send an email to the Avid Birders.

All trips depart at 5:30 am with carpooling. Unless otherwise announced, we meet for carpooling at the southeast corner of the Worthington Mall parking lot. (Worthington Mall is located on the northwest corner of High Street and Wilson Bridge Road, just south of I-270.)  Return times vary with the destination and season, but you can assume that we will spend most of the day birding and traveling. We usually stop at a fast food spot on the way to our first destination. Bring a sack lunch, water, and snacks as needed for sustenance during the day. Please reimburse your driver for travel expenses. Dress appropriately; remember that the weather to our north, particularly along the windy Lake Erie shore, often is much colder than that in Columbus.


June 11We plan to visit Harrison County for grassland birds. This seriously under-birded part of the state reliably yields such goodies as Upland Sandpiper and Grasshopper, Vesper, and Henslow’s Sparrow.
July 23Target birds will be early shorebirds and whatever’s hopping at the moment.
August 27Shorebirds and early returning neotropical migrants.
September 10Southbound neotropical migrants and shorebirds.
October 8Sparrows and waterfowl.
November 12Waterfowl, waterfowl, and still more waterfowl…and maybe a few late sparrows.
December 10Winter birds: gulls and waterfowl — or maybe pursuing reported rarities.


January 7Gulls, gulls, gulls!
February 11Still more gulls, maybe some early waterfowl, and whatever else is around.
March 25Waterfowl in full swing, with some early shorebirds and other migrants.
April 29Shawnee State Forest for migrant and breeding warblers.