Eleven people braved the cold and nearly constant rain for this October adventure to the Lake Erie shoreline. We left Worthington Square Mall at 5:30 AM and birded the lakeshore until approximately 4:00 PM. Despite the weather, it was a pretty productive trip, but no rarities were found. All in all, we tallied 69 species.

Location abbreviations: Maumee Bay State Park (MB), Magee Marsh (MM), Medusa Marsh (MED), Lorain Harbor (LOR), Wellington Reservoir (WR), along the road while in route (RD).

Unless indicated, locations listed are where we first saw each species.

Pied-billed GrebeMMRed-eyed VireoMM
Double-crested CormorantMBBlue JayRD
Great Blue HeronMMAmerican CrowRD
Great EgretRDTree SwallowMB
Turkey VultureRDBarn SwallowMB
Canada GooseMBRed-breasted NuthatchMM
Wood DuckMMWhite-breasted NuthatchRD
MallardMBBrown CreeperMM
Northern ShovelerMBCarolina WrenMM
Green-winged TealLORWinter WrenMM
Ruddy DuckWRGolden-crowned KingletMM
Bald EagleMMRuby-crowned KingletMM
Cooper’s HawkRDHermit ThrushMM
Red-tailed HawkRDAmerican RobinRD
American KestrelRDEuropean StarlingRD
American CootMEDNashville WarblerMB
KilldeerMBBlack-throated Blue WarblerMM
Greater YellowlegsMBYellow-rumped WarblerMB
Lesser YellowlegsMEDBlack-throated Green WarblerMM
Pectoral SandpiperMBOvenbirdMM
Common SnipeMMCommon YellowthroatMM
American WoodcockMBWilson’s WarblerMM
Bonaparte’s GullMBSong SparrowMB
Ring-billed GullMBSwamp SparrowMM
Herring GullMBWhite-throated SparrowMB
Great Black-backed GullMBWhite-crowned SparrowMB
Forster’s TernMBNorthern CardinalMM
Rock DoveRDRed-winged BlackbirdRD
Mourning DoveRDEastern MeadowlarkMB
Chimney SwiftWRRusty BlackbirdMM
Belted KingfisherMMCommon GrackleRD
Yellow-bellied SapsuckerMMBrown-headed CowbirdMB
Downy WoodpeckerMMAmerican GoldfinchMB
Northern FlickerMMHouse SparrowRD
Blue-headed VireoMM