Eleven Avids braved the warm, almost subtropical, weather as they ventured to the New Jersey coast this December. Warm you say? That’s right. The southerly air flow was still in effect when they took their “winter” pelagic into the Atlantic Ocean on Saturday, December 5. The highlight of the day: an American Woodcock 40 miles out to sea. In addition, only one alcid was seen. Unfortunately, it (a Razorbill) was only seen by a few participants and it was a long-distance look at best. So much for the heated handrails and extra doses of Dramamine. The 750 Northern Gannets kept the party alert though.

Coastal birding was equally as disappointing. The warm weather produced no sea ducks and few coastal specialties. Can you believe the only Purple Sandpipers seen by Avids members this year were seen in Ohio? Figure that one out. At any rate, it was a good trip and was enjoyed by all.

Location abbreviations: Brielle Pelagic on 12/5 (PEL), Barnegat Light on 12/6 (BAR), Brigantine National Wildlife Refuge on 12/6 (BRI)

Total Species = 60

Avid Birders trip list 1998_12_04