This was a trip to remember. Seven participants ventured up to the Niagara Frontier Region of Ontario for a great weekend of birding. The weather was wonderful and the birds were very cooperative. Four participants visited Presque Isle State Park, PA on the way up on Friday, December 11. The rest of us didn’t arrive in Niagara Falls until 1:00 AM Saturday.

We birded the Sir Adam Beck hydro station along the Niagara River on Saturday morning, then went to the Burlington / Hamilton / Stoney Creek region along the shore of Lake Ontario in the afternoon. After some deliberation and recent news, we decided we would go to Algonquin Provincial Park in northern Ontario on Sunday. Unfortunately, two participants had to return home early Sunday morning and didn’t get to accompany us on our northward change in plans. After a very successful Sunday, we birded Stoney Creek and the Niagara River on Monday morning, then stopped at Presque Isle State Park, PA on the way back to Columbus.

Location abbreviation for 12/11/98: Presque Isle State Park, PA (PI1)

Location abbreviations for 12/12/98: Sir Adam Beck hydro station (AB), Queen Elizibeth Way from Niagara Falls to Burlington (QEW), Burlington/Stoney Creek (BSC)

Location abbreviation for 12/13/98: Algonquin Provincial Park (AL)

Location abbreviations for 12/14/98: Stoney Creek (SC), Niagara River (NR), Presque Isle State Park, PA (PI2), ride back to Columbus (RH)

Total Species = 70

X indicates species observed but not counted.
R indicates species observed in route to that destination.

Avid Birders trip list 1998_12_11