Sixteen brave souls ventured forth into the wind, snow, and ice for a bone-chilling day along the southern shore of Lake Erie. We left Worthington around 5:40 AM, but didn’t arrive at Conneaut until 9:30 AM due to poor road conditions and an unscheduled detour through the median of I-90 in Lake County. Fortunately, only one vehicle took that detour. Overall, the birding basically stunk. We had the bad weather needed for good birds, except the good birds decided not to grace us with their presence. It is hard to pick a bird-of-the-day because they were so few. My personal vote would have to go to the near breeding plumaged Lapland Longspurs we found traveling to Oberlin Reservoir. They were the best I’d ever seen.

Total Species = 32

A = Conneaut Harbor
B = Fairport Harbor
Nothing of interest at Eastlake Power Plant
C = Avon Lake Power Plant
D = Lorain Harbor
E = Oberlin Reservoir
F = Wellington Reservoir

Avid Birders trip list 1999_02_13