Calamus Swamp Update: The Trails Are Open!

Calamus Swamp: the repair crew takes a break

After a successful work day on Saturday, April 1, we have reopened the trails at Calamus Swamp. We cleaned up many of the wood pieces and smaller logs on and within a short distance of the trails and boardwalk, and also repaired the section of the boardwalk that was damaged.

A special thank you to everyone who helped out on Saturday, and to Tom Sheley and Blaine Keckley for all of their continued hard work and dedication at Calamus Swamp.

When you visit Calamus Swamp, you will see plenty of evidence of the damage inflicted by invasive species — in this case, the Emerald Ash Borer. There are still remnants of the ash trees that we removed near the boardwalk to prevent dangerous conditions for visitors. And you also will see plenty of ash trees farther away from the boardwalk, trees that present no danger to visitors but are dead or dying. It looks bad, but we are fortunate that nature eventually will repair at least some of the damage.