Downy Woodpecker - Photo Earl Harrison

We made some great progress during our work days this year. When you visit Calamus, the difference is obvious. You’ll notice areas that are now nearly completely cleared of invasive plants, which will allow native plants to spread out and take hold. We have also made some real progress with repairing the boardwalk where needed.   

Many thanks to all who participated – the number of volunteers continues to grow.  It’s always nice to see so many “regulars” attend. A big thank you also goes out to Pickaway County Parks staff and volunteers for all of your efforts!

Even with all of the progress made, we have much more to do and have many plans in store for Calamus next year. We are planning to expand efforts, including scheduling even more work days beginning as early as March or April, and we can use your help. If you are interested in helping out either at Calamus or with other Columbus Audubon volunteer efforts, please reach out using the contact form below.

For information on next year’s work days, please be sure to see details in spring issues of the Song Sparrow. Hope to see you next year!