Canada: State of the Birds

Blue Jay - Photo Shenandoah NP

Audubon cares about bird conservation in the US, but also across the entire Western Hemisphere. After all, many of the birds that we treasure most, such as the beautiful warblers that we flock to see in May, spend the majority of the year migrating and living in Central and South America. And many of these same birds are transient through Ohio on their way to and from nesting grounds in Canada, our neighbor to the north.

The North American Bird Conservation Initiative (NABCI) has released its The State of Canada’s Birds 2019 report. Similar to the US version of the report, it details how birds are doing across the country. In particular, it highlights trends: are bird populations increasing or decreasing?

The good news is that some groups of birds are doing well, particularly raptors and waterfowl. However, the populations of shorebirds, grassland birds, and aerial insectivores (swallows and swifts) have decreased significantly.

You can see the introduction and full report on the NACBI Canada web site.