Chimney Swift Colony Preserved at Franklin Heights HS

Chimney Swift - Photo courtesy Kenn Kaufman

Chimney Swifts are neotropical migrants and their numbers are declining throughout North America. Sometimes referred to as “Flying Cigars” these tiny insectivores with rounded bodies and tiny wings resided in the tall chimney on the building at Franklin Heights. Sheila Fagan, recently retired from Franklin Heights after thirty-five years teaching in the district observed the birds for the entirety of her career. The birds would likely have perished when the building was demolished had the volunteers not worked to install an alternative home for roosting and nesting for the birds. Conservation efforts such as this are key to preserving bird populations around the world!

For more information about the project or to find out more about saving Chimney Swifts, please contact Sheila M. Fagan (614 307 7827 or, Tom Sheley (614 766 2103 or, or Darlene Sillick (614 288 3696 or