Project FeederWatch is a winter-long survey of birds that visit feeders at backyards, nature centers, community areas, and other locales in North America. FeederWatchers count the highest numbers of each species they see at their feeders from the second Saturday in November through the end of April.  Project FeederWatch helps scientists track broad movements of winter bird populations and long-term trends in bird distribution and abundance.

Anyone with an interest in birds can participate. Project FeederWatch can be a great family or school activity, and you don’t need to be an expert birder to join in.  And all you have to do is find a good spot to watch — such as feeder in your backyard — and count the birds that you see.

You can find out how to sign up, learn about specific ways to count birds, see how to report your results, and cover lots more at the Project FeederWatch Web site.

Project FeederWatch is operated by the Cornell Lab of Ornithology and Bird Studies Canada.