Northern Flicker feeding on suet

Time to get ready for Columbus Audubon’s annual bird seed sale!

Fall migration is upon us and time is drawing near to stock up for the winter bird feeding season. Columbus Audubon’s bird seed fundraiser is a perfect way to provide quality seeds and seed blends and lend a helping hand to both birds and Columbus Audubon.

CA will be offering a seed blend for every budget and habitat along with peanuts and suet cakes to attract insect-eating and woodland species. Of course, traditional favorites such as Oil Sunflower, Sunflower Chips, Safflower and White Millet will be on the menu as well.

As we have done in the past, we will include the CA bird seed order form in the November/December issue of the Song Sparrow newsletter, after the new seed crop becomes available and we are able to offer the best possible prices. Look for the new and improved online order form along with product descriptions at as soon as prices become available in late September. Many have found shopping online easy and with convenient, secure credit card processing via PayPal.

Remember, all proceeds from the fundraiser go to Columbus Audubon to help fund our many projects. Thanks for your support!