Speaker Interviews

The Program Speaker Interview series brings together two of our favorite activities:
our Ohio Young Birders, sponsored by Columbus Audubon, interview speakers from the
Columbus Audubon monthly program series. Enjoy these video interviews!

Venomous Snakes of Ohio: Stephen Bischoff interviews Doug Wynn

Venomous Snakes of Ohio: Doug Wynn

In this segment, Ohio Young Birder Stephen Bischoff interviews Doug Wynn. Warning: This video starts with a view of a Timber Rattlesnake. Snake-phobic viewers should be ready! https://columbusaudubon.smugmug.com/Ohio-Young-Birders-Club/Ohio-Young-Birders-Interviews/i-CKxBNZb/A   Here’s …
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Conservation at the Columbus Zoo - Joey Tomei interviews Rebecca Rose

Columbus Zoo Conservation – Rebecca Rose

In this segment, Ohio Young Birder Joey Tomei interviews Rebecca Rose, about her conservation work with the Columbus Zoo. https://columbusaudubon.smugmug.com/Ohio-Young-Birders-Club/Ohio-Young-Birders-Interviews/i-VZVhfSP/A          
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Doug Whitman interviews Jim McCormac

Ohoi Birding and Nature – Jim McCormac

In this segment, Ohio Young Birder Doug Whitman interviews Jim McCormac about his many projects old and new. https://columbusaudubon.smugmug.com/Ohio-Young-Birders-Club/Ohio-Young-Birders-Interviews/i-n7dXHkb/A        
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Glaciers, People, and Climate - Sarah Seeley interviews Lonnie Thompson

People, Glaciers, and Climate: Dr Lonnie Thompson

In this segment, Ohio Young Birder Sarah Seeley interviews Dr Lonnie Thompson of Ohio State’s Byrd Polar Research Institute. https://columbusaudubon.smugmug.com/Ohio-Young-Birders-Club/Ohio-Young-Birders-Interviews/i-VFBr5N6/A   Here’s the link to the Byrd Polar Research …
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