Calamus Tree Cutting

Many of you may already be aware that Columbus Audubon had to make the difficult decision to have many of the ash trees removed at Calamus Swamp.  Most of the trees were already affected by the Emerald Ash Borer.  The larvae (immature stage) of this exotic beetle feed on the inner bark, eventually causing death of the tree.  We decided to be proactive by removing a large number of these trees to ensure that the trails and boardwalk remain safe for visitors.

Calamus is definitely changed.  For those of you who have visited, you will see many trees down and the canopy more open in many areas. This opening of the canopy will invite a new succession of growth and provide new habitat, encouraging butterflies, a new variety of birds, and other wildlife.  We are committed to managing Calamus in a way that promotes native plants and wildlife, while controlling invasive species as much as possible.  We are hoping that this will, in time, only add to the unique qualities of this beautiful, diverse and rare wetland.

For now, Calamus Swamp will remain closed until we can clean up after the tree removal, and repair a section of the boardwalk that was unfortunately damaged in the process. We are planning a cleanup day in early spring, and welcome volunteers!