Columbus Audubon’s mission is to promote the appreciation, understanding and conservation of birds, other wildlife and their habitats, for present and future generations. Because birds can be found in almost all outdoor spaces throughout Central Ohio, a diverse constituent of people regularly engage with birds. Therefore, to achieve our mission, we feel it is essential to include a diverse array of people in our programming and planning.

At Columbus Audubon we greatly value the richness gained from a diversity of viewpoints and actions and believe that they not only help to achieve, but also cultivate and deepen our work toward our mission. We are committed to welcoming all people into our organization, including but not limited to those of all races, ethnicities, religions, gender identities, sexual orientations, and ages. At Columbus Audubon we are increasing the diversity of our board, offering almost all bird outings free of charge, having our beginner birding outings in an accessible location, and noting accessibility on the information for our other field trips. We pledge to build upon this foundation by continuing to learn about and incorporate best practices for diversity, equity, and inclusion into all aspects of our work at Columbus Audubon.