EcoWeekend History

Lois Day recalls the founding of what is now EcoWeekend

In 1973, Ruth Melvin taught at an Audubon Camp in Wisconsin. (Rev) Dick Beidler was a student there. After they came back, they started discussing the possibility of something similar here – and EcoWeekend was born. I, along with “Buggie” Markham and Charles Wheeler, were asked to help get EcoWeekend started. I’ve been involved with EcoWeekend ever since: Chair in 1995-1996 and co-chair in 1997, on the planning committee thereafter, although I’m now having to retire because of health problems.

Being involved with EcoWeekend has been a great experience for me. I believe it’s one of the finest things CAS does, and I hope it will continue for many more years.

How Do You Spell That?

EcoWeekend was called “EcoWeekend” from the very beginning, but the spelling varied depending on who was doing the writing. It was often “Eco-WeekEnd” and sometimes “Eco-weekend” (without the capital “W”). And sometimes it was  written as “Eco Weekend.” In 2015, we standardized on the modern form of “EcoWeekend.” That version was granted a trademark Supplemental Registration in 2016 thanks to two years of diligent volunteer effort by Pete Precario.

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