Avid Birders Trip Reports

October 9, 1999

Avids’ Eyes on Sparrows: 9 October, 1999

Thirteen Avid Birders ignored the weather and various sports spectacles on October 9 to look for birds of the season. It was a good time of […]
September 4, 1999

The Labor Day Weekend Adventure: 4 September, 1999

The Avid Birders’ Labor Day trip had its laborious aspects. Nineteen of us drove through clouds that had dropped right down to the deck–as well as […]
August 14, 1999

Lucky Leader Avoids Flogging: 14 August, 1999

On this cool, rainy morning, 18 Avids took to the soggy roads in search of migrant shorebirds. Our first stop, however, didn’t involve a search for […]
June 19, 1999

Southern Ohio Embraces Avid Birders: 19 – 20 June, 1999

Ten Avid Birders braved beautiful weather, amorous butterflies, and deafening birdsong on a trip to Adams County over the weekend of June 19th. Briefed ahead of […]
May 22, 1999

Avids Full of Beanies?: 22 May, 1999

Sixteen avids searched out the remainders of this year’s spring migration. We travelled north only to be confronted with wind, rain, and cold temperatures. Needless to […]
April 24, 1999

Avids Show Off for Out-of-Stater: 24 April, 1999

Nineteen avids ventured south this month in search of new arrivals to Ohio. A very good turn-out considering nine members were in Florida, presumably searching (and […]