Birdathon Team: Bikepath Birders

Team Profile

The Bikepath Birders (formerly Low Carbon Footprinters) team keeps its carbon footprint low by avoiding the use of cars during their Birdathon. All of the team members live in the Clintonville area, so they meet at Columbus’ Whetstone Park (Park of Roses) and bird on foot.

Team members are Jarrod Burks and Katryn and Bruce Renard.

Birdathon Reports

June 9, 2018
Warbling Vireo - Photo Earl Harrison

Birdathon 2018 Report: Bikepath Birders

2018 Birdathon The Bikepath Birders team found 47 species, all pretty much within Whetstone Park, in just a four hour span.
June 14, 2013
Baltimore Oriole - Photo Earl Harrison

Birdathon 2013 Report: Low Carbon Footprinters

2013 Birdathon The Low Carbon Footprinters had an excellent Birdathon day with a total of 69 species despite missing Rock Pigeon! [Editor’s note: one of the […]