Birdathon Team: Early Birders

Team Profile

The Early Birders team is composed of student members of the Central Ohio Chapter of the Ohio Young Birders Club, along with adult advisors.

Student members include Nathan, Elijah, May, Jacob, Alexander, Sarah, Sarah, Charlie, Frannie, Jack, Sam*, Ella, Livy*, Aaron, Joseph*, Marissa*, Nick, Chloe, Joey, Stephen, Doug, and Trevor (* indicates sibling of a chapter member).

Other Young Birder members who birded with the Early Birders this year to help with the Birdathon tally included Gabriel from the Virginia Young Birders Club and Aspen from Ann Arbor, Michigan.

Parents, advisors, and other adults included Cindi Martineau, Darlene Sillick, Dawn Zook, Mike Zook, Gerry Brevoort, John Brevoort, Gini Brevoort, Gordon Brevoort, Hannah Brevoort, Nancy Stinnett, Susan Seeley, Leigh Mamlin, Julie Reeves, Julie Roy, Gene Roy, Shannon Bersagel, Eric Bersagel, Suzanne Tayal, Neeraj Tayal, Joseph Tomei, Tim Bischoff, and Amanda Whitman

Birdathon Reports