Ideas for Your Birdathon

Birdathoners have a history of being creative (just check out all the team names). All across the country, they have come up with some unique ways to participate:

  • Some make a day of it and visit multiple birding sites.
  • Some count the bird species at their backyard feeder or at the local park. (One team enjoys wine and cheese while waiting for one Really Good Bird to come to their feeder-and they still raise hundreds of dollars!)
  • One team birded a local park during the lunch hour. They had promises from co-workers for $1.00 a species seen. Ten sponsors bought in $100-and what a joyous lunch!
  • Some can’t make it outside, so they count the number of species seen or heard on the TV that day!
  • Many teams have a 3-generation tradition, with grandchildren, parents, and grandparents looking forward to the excursion every year.
  • Some teams start their big day with an Audubon sponsored birdwalk and take advantage of the extra eyes for several hours.
  • One team did their birdathon in Arizona while on vacation.
  • Some do theirs entirely on foot.
  • One team did theirs entirely in Pickaway County
  • Another team does theirs solely at Slate Run Metro Park.