Clare Jusdanis

Ohio Young Birders Club: Central Ohio Chapter

Youth Advisory Board 

The Youth Advisory Board (YAB) of the Central Ohio chapter of the Ohio Young Birders Club is comprised of chapter members interested in taking a leadership role in the chapter. They are selected by the adult advisors of the chapter.

The YAB student contact for our chapter is Jacob Stinnett ( or 614-390-4389). Give him a call with any questions.

YAB members assume the following responsibilities:

  • YAB members will attend quarterly (4 per year) planning meetings.
  • YAB members will serve as student contacts for the chapter. They will actively communicate with other YAB members, chapter members, members of other OYBC chapters, and prospective members to answer questions and provide peer contact.
  • YAB members will help to set the direction of the Central Ohio chapter of OYBC.
  • YAB members will help to decide on monthly field trip destinations and programming.
  • YAB members will provide input to decisions about community service projects.
  • YAB members will be called upon to provide written reports/feedback after field trips for publication on the chapter website and/or newsletters.
  • YAB members will actively participate in the design, content and presentation of the chapter’s website.

Current YAB members:


Clare Jusdanis Doug Whitman

Clare Jusdanis has been with OYBC since August 2010 as one of the central Ohio chapter’s first members. She loves hanging out with everyone, doing service projects, being outdoors and long car rides while carpooling with OYBC Advisor Gerry. In addition to OYBC, Clare stays busy with violin, photography and traveling with her family.

Jacob Stinnett is a junior at Saint Charles Preparatory School in Columbus. He began birding when he participated in the Science Olympiad program 4 years ago. He is a founding member of the Central Ohio Chapter of the Ohio Young Birders Club. His favorite bird is the Cedar Waxwing. Outside birding Jacob plays piano and volunteers at the Columbus Zoo and Aquarium. Doug Whitman has been birding since early 2009 and has a life list of 263 birds. In addition to birding, Doug enjoys soccer, videogames, and hanging out with his friends. Doug was Master of Ceremonies for the 2011 OYBC conference and a student presenter for the 2012 OYBC conference, speaking on “Passive Birding.”


  Chloe Degitz Trevor Zook  
  Hi, I’m ChloĆ« Degitz. I am 13 years old and love to bird. I have been a part of OYBC for a little under a year now. Some of my hobbies (besides birding) are: rock climbing, acting, rock collecting, playing violin, and archery. Trevor Zook is from Mansfield Ohio. He is a member of the Central Ohio Chapter of the OYBC. His interest in birding started with a trip to Ottawa National Wildlife Refuge. He enjoys birding in his backyard, as well as many state parks all over Ohio. In 2010 he gave a bird presentation at Canaan Lutheran Church in Canaan Ohio. In 2012 Trevor was an assistant to Kenn Kaufman for the Bird ID Quiz at the annual OYBC Conference.  


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