Tree Swallow Fledglings - Photo Barbara Krizman

It’s time for a seasonal reminder: Many birds are nest-building, incubating, or feeding young, and they are extremely vulnerable. There’s no reason to make their lives any more vulnerable or more difficult.

Now is a season that is especially critical for birdlife. So if you come across a nest, remember that it’s time to move on. Don’t linger. Don’t get any closer to photograph it. In fact, we all should refrain from photographing nesting birds altogether. In most cases, the practice is unnecessary, unjustifiable, and can often add up to harassment.  

You might still be able to experience watching some nesting behavior through your binoculars – at a significant and responsible distance.  This season is a stressful time for birds, and often they will let you know when you have already gotten too close. Under those circumstances, and for the good of the birds, it’s simply wise to back off.

Leave them alone — and from a distance you’ll be able to enjoy the thrill of seeing “your” birds leave the nest safely!