American Robin with Earthworms - Photo Earl Harrison

A tradition among bird-lovers is taking note of the first bird we see on New Year’s Day. Whether it’s a charming Ohio rarity like a Red-breasted Nuthatch or the ubiquitous American Robin, the first bird you see can symbolize the start of great things in the year to come. 

As you reflect on your first bird of 2021 and the things you want to accomplish in this new year, we ask that you join us and pledge to protect birds from the threats of climate change and to create a brighter future for us all.

Birds tell us so much about our surroundings. And birds are telling us that it’s time to act on climate. Audubon’s own science shows that climate change is by far the biggest threat to the birds that we love. It also shows that if we take action now, we can improve the chances for hundreds of bird species.

Audubon and our network will be working across the country this year to protect birds and the places we all share—and we need your help to make this work successful.