Be a Birdathoner

Interested in being on a Birdathon Team?

  • Join an existing Birdathon team! We always have new teams starting, team members “retiring,” or other situations that lead teams to seek new members. Contact the Birdathon Coordinator for information on how to hook up with a current team.
  • Form your own Birdathon team! Maybe you want to experience the thrill of competition, and you’re sure that your team could do better than those other bums….whoa, we’re getting pretty competitive here, eh?  That’s OK!  Or maybe you would like to have a nice family outing and get the kids — or grandkids — involved in working for a good cause.  Either way, or anything in between, you don’t need any special skills other than a little basic birding knowledge and a willingness to give it a try.  Contact the Birdathon Coordinator to find out how to get started in just a few minutes.