Birdathon Teams – old

We’ve got a lot of teams this year eager to get out into the field. Each team is listed here, along with the number of different types of birds they hope to see.

See a name you know?  Why not support that person with a Birdathon pledge?  See a team name that just cracks you up?  Reward all that creativity with a pledge to the team!  Have no idea why anyone would find any of these names funny?  Give us a call or send us an email and we’ll be glad to explain the bird name puns.  Want to form a new team?  See the Ideas for Your Birdathon page for details.

Backyard Experience Chick-a-dees -75
Gerry Brevoort
Joan Frederick
Nina Hawranick
Lynn Singleton

Chestnut Ridge Chachalacas – 100
Bill & Eric Reiner
Scott Felker
Eleanor Nunley

Deck Birds – 1
Cheri Brown
Pat Barron
Bev May
Pete Precario

Low Carbon Footprinters – 75
Dave Horn
Katryn Renard

Marty Kotter

Joanne Dole

Magee Madness – 88
Michael Packer
& field trip participants
(details in May newsletter)

Marsh Madness – 100
Bill & Deb Marsh

Metro Parks Stellar Jays – 90
Jim Davidson
Joe Meara
John O’Meara
John Watts

Neat Nests – 40
Scott & Whitney Jaeb
Sabrina & Kiersten Jaeb
Fred Lancia
Del & Jordan Parrott

No Egrets – 80
Becky Cummings
Elaine & Larry Smith
Roger Stout
Laura Thomas

Pelicans – 40
Mark & Lauren Richards
Benjamin & Riley Richards

Quick Three Beards – 187
Dave Horn
Bill Whan

Red-Eyed Weary-os – 100
Earl & Alyn Harrison
Joe Eickholt

Scarlet & Gray Tanagers – 70
Joe & Susanne Gatesman
Barb & Stephen Revard
Mark & Susan Setterlin

Slate (Run) Colored Juncos – 100
Andrea Haslage
Lauren Metcalf
Lori Patterson
Brad Sparks
Joshua Steele

Swans and Coots – 70
Alan Cohen
Clyde Gosnell
Paul Knoop
Katryn Renard
Marlene Woo Lun
Louise Warner

Three Hens and a Rooster – 75
Suzan Jervey
Doc Jordan
Chrissy Phieffer
Darlene Sillilck

Two Footed Boobies – 90
Marcia Brehmer
Marion Farber
Melanie Shuter
Mary Kay Wood

Two in a Bush – 65
Patty DeMaria
Elaine Fujimora
Biani Moran

Westerville Waxwings – 140
Jackie Bain
Julie & Ken Davis
Rob & Ricki Lowry

Wild Birds Unlimited Riverside – 170
Michael Flynn
Bill Heck
Steve Landes
Tom Sheley

Whichety Witches – 50
Tamara James
Kristan Leedy

World Series Birders – 150
John Price
Heather Raymond
2 West Virginians