For New Teams

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Join Us For the Fun of Birdathon!

Welcome! If you are new to the Birdathon, the guidelines below will take you through every step for success.

If you want to create a brand new team, it’s easy. Teams consist of two or more people, as many as you like. Be sure to choose a fun team name! Then use the Team Registration Form to register your team.

See our guidelines for asking for pledges, then check out our suggestions for possible sponsors. You can use our sample letter to ask for pledges. As you sign up sponsors, record their pledges on the Birdathon pledge sheet (page 1) or the Birdathon pledge sheet (page 2). Of course, you don’t need to line up all your sponsors up front: you can add sponsors as you go along.

You can spend a full day, a half day, or a few hours an visit locations around the state, across town, or your back yard — whatever works for you. Check out some ideas for your Birdathon, and if you are thinking of birding further afield, take a look at some possible Ohio birding locations, You will need a checklist to record the birds that you see (you can use the official Ohio Bird Checklist). If your team wants to compete with other teams to see the most birds, be sure to review the competitive Birdathon rules.

Columbus Audubon Birdathon 2017 runs through the entire month of May. You can have your Birdathon any time within that period.

Please collect your pledges as soon as possible after your Birdathon. After you collect your pledges, please complete and send in the Birdathon Pledge Summary, along with your pledge sheets and collected pledges. Don’t forget to thank your sponsors! Write each of them a nice card, send an email, or write something like our sample thank you letter.