Bald Eagle (Photo Earl Harrison)

Bald Eagle - Photo Earl HarrisonRecently, the Ohio legislature’s Energy Mandate Study Committee recommended an “indefinite freeze” on the states renewable energy standards.

Audubon respectfully disagrees. The National Audubon Society urges Ohio policy makers to dismiss the report recommendations released on September 30, 2015. The Committee’s recommendations to implement an “indefinite freeze” on Ohio’s energy efficiency and renewable energy standards are misinformed and detrimental to the state’s economy and the health and well-being of Ohio’s citizens, natural resources and wildlife.

We are not alone. Gov. Kasich immediately called the committee’s recommendation “unacceptable.” Audubon agrees with the governor and encourages the remaining members of the Ohio Legislature to take his lead. “Ohio should be leading on energy policy, not going in reverse,” said Marnie Urso, Audubon’s Senior Program Manager in Ohio.