Amazing things are happening with the Ohio Young Birders Club!

The 11th Annual Ohio Young Birders Conference had a remarkable line-up of youth speakers sharing their knowledge, citizen science projects, travel experience, and enthusiasm! The presentations were professional, top-notch, and very interesting. These kids are amazing!

As a supporter of this conference, Columbus Audubon is proud to recognize three of the Central Ohio OYBC members who were key-persons in the events of the conference. Elizabeth Kanzeg, age 15, was calm, cool and collected as the Master of Ceremonies, guiding the conference along flawlessly. Adriana Losey shared her “Coastal Maine Bird Studies on Hog Island 2017” presentation. At 14 yrs old, Adriana expressed her gratitude numerous times that her parents trusted her with this life-changing adventure. Adriana is a recipient of a John Wilson Memorial Education Fund award that helped fund her trip to Hog Island along with the John F. Gallagher Memorial Scholarship which provides financial support for OYBC members to attend camps, workshops, and bird-related activities. Anna Rose, age 16, gave an energetic and engaging talk on “The Secrets Lives of Neotropical Migrants.” Also on display at the conference was Anna’s most recent artwork, several of which have won awards.  Anna has traveled extensively with her family and includes birding adventures wherever she is able.

The Black Swamp Bird Observatory is the founding organization supporting the OYBC. The 11th Annual OYBC Conference was hosted by the Aullwood Audubon Nature Center & Farm in Dayton, a destination in its own right that should not be missed.

We encourage you to plan to attend the 12th Annual event in 2018!

Have a young birder that is interested in OYBC? Contact Darlene Sillick at or Maura Rawn at for more information.