Cerulean Warbler - Photo Melina Cronin

Our readers know that Columbus Audubon provides Conservation Grants. Proposals are accepted in the fall each year.

Our friends at the Ohio Ornithological Society also offers grants to support conservation projects in Ohio. The OOS Conservation Committee currently is looking for projects to support. Here’s more information from the OOS:

The Conservation Committee of the Ohio Ornithological Society is accepting requests for funding of projects that further the main goals of the organization. The committee favors projects where the requesting organization is also contributing financial or in-kind support or has secured such support from other organizations as well. We prioritize projects where a modest investment from OOS will complete the project or a well-defined aspect of a larger project. 

The OOS will support bird conservation throughout the state using a variety of methods including:

1.  protect or restore habitat;
2.  provide access to birdwatchers;
3.  otherwise support native bird populations;
4.  support young birders to foster their development as future proponents of birds and ecology;
5.  support efforts to educate the public on birds and habitat.
The project must furthermore be in Ohio or directly benefit Ohio birders.

Requests for funding received on or before February 1, 2023, will receive priority consideration, but proposal are accepted at any time of year.

For a copy of the short application form, please email William Kerrigan at kerrigan@muskingum.edu