Owl Project Update: December 2020

Columbus Audubon is proud to sponsor the Central Ohio Owl Research Project led by Dr Blake Mathys.

NSWO With CA Banner - Photo Blake Mathys
One of the Northern Saw-whet Owls captured for banding.

Circumstances unavoidably prevented banding for a few weeks in late November and early December. The project is back on track, but planning for visitors is on hold due to the worsening coronavirus situation.

Meanwhile, we had a recapture: an Northern Saw-whet Owl owl banded for the project on November 8th was recaptured on November 23rd at Caesar Creek Lake in Waynesville, OH. Recaptures like this provide information on how the owls move around in our region.

For more information about the Owl Project, see the project page at the Ohio Dominican University website.

NSWO Surprised - Photo Blake Mathys
This Northern Saw-whet Owl looks surprised to find itself in the hand rather than outside for mice!