Dr Bernard Master Hits Birding Goal

Dr. Bernard (Bernie) Master, longtime Audubon member, has reached a significant — and rather amazing — birding goal. We just received word that on September …
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Johann Cozart

In Memoriam: Johann Cozart

Johann Cozart, dedicated member and volunteer for Columbus Audubon and the Grange Insurance Audubon Center passed away on Friday, June 29, after a battle with …
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Red-tailed Hawk - Photo Kirt Beiling:

Photo Contest Winners

Congratulations to Kirt Beiling and Tom Sheley for winning our recent photo contest. You may recall that the contest was designed to provide photos for …
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Kestrels and Lightning, Oh My!

Hidden beehives?  Lightning strikes?  Angry birds?  The life of an American Kestrel nest box monitor is more hazardous than you might expect!  Check out Dick …
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