Magnolia Warbler - Photo Earl Harrison

Congratulations, Nature Scoop!

The Nature Scoop monthly email newsletter has just turned 15 years old! Our congratulations go out to the publisher, our friend Toni Stahl. Thanks, Toni, …
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2021CardinalAward - Fran DeWine, Katryn Renard, Mary Mertz, Steve Gray

CA Receives ODNR Cardinal Award

Columbus Audubon has received the 2021 Cardinal Award from the Ohio Department of Natural Resources! This award is presented annually to recognize outstanding contributions to …
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Puffin with Decoy - Photo Steve Kress

Check Out the Webcams

Need a break during your busy day? Or do you want to relax with something fun after a hard day at work? Check out a …
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Nicole Jackson with her friends Anikka_and Jayshaun Talbert - Photo Sheila Fagan

Black Birders Week a Success

Audubon has long realized that people of color, including our Black friends, are underrepresented in the birding and conservation communities. That’s why we welcomed Black …
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Tree Swallow Fledglings - Photo Barbara Krizman

Nesting Birds Tip: Leave Them Alone

It’s time for a seasonal reminder: Many birds are nest-building, incubating, or feeding young, and they are extremely vulnerable. There’s no reason to make their …
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