Bald Eagle - Photo Earl Harrison

Bird conservation did well on May 4, when the Senate passed an omnibus funding bill for the remainder of the fiscal year. This bill provides strong funding for important conservation programs:

  • EPA’s regional programs retain current funding in the Chesapeake Bay and Great Lakes and double for the Long Island Sound and the Gulf of Mexico.
  • The Department of the Interior receives an increase in support, including funds for sage-grouse conservation plans.
  • The Department of Energy energy efficiency programs received an increase.
  • The USDA’s budget has $150 million in drought-relief efforts, helping both people and birds.

You helped bring about the conservation victories when you advocated for strong federal funding. Your voice was heard!

The fights are not over (they never are). Audubon and bird conservation in general will need your help as Congress works on the fiscal year 2018 budget, which starts October 1, 2017. We hope you will be with us!

See the Audubon Web site for a message of thanks from David Yarnold, president of Audubon.