Service in the Preserves: Hard At Work - Photo Natalia Nekrasova

The volunteers of Service in the Preserves are back from summer break and ready to continue their work at Ohio State Nature Preserves!

The group is dedicated to maintaining and improving state nature preserves and has completed over 40 years of service. This season we are planning eight work trips to different parts of the state, where we will work on a variety of projects including invasive species management, trail improvement, and small construction jobs.

We start in September with a work trip to Clifton Gorge Nature Preserve, well known for the spectacular canyon cut by the Little Miami River. In October, we will head south to Whipple and Davis Memorial Preserves, which feature unique geology and diverse woodland and prairie communities. Springville Marsh, with its wetland, waits for us in November. In January, the group will assist with maintenance at the Siegenthaler-Kaestner Esker. The glacier-formed landscape of this preserve reveals processes that took place in Ohio 11,000 years ago. Following that, our February work trip will be in Blackhand Gorge. This is another unique place in Ohio where you can see the famous Black Hand sandstone formation and learn about the legendary hand-shaped Native American petroglyph engraved on the cliff facing the Licking River. March will take us to Eagle Creek Nature Preserve, where we will be surrounded by typical northeastern Ohio with spacious floodplains and marshlands. In April, the group will assist with garlic mustard removal in the Hocking Hills area. The last work trip of the season will be to Davey Woods in May, where we will work in the wood surrounded by exceptional spring wildflower display.

Service in the Preserves can always use extra hands and welcomes everybody. If you are a nature aficionado or just have a free Saturday, join us and become part of our adventure.

Here’s a quick schedule summary. Please see the Service in the Preserves pages on this website for details.

Sep 30 – Clifton Gorge – hardware cloth installation, woody vegetation removal

Oct 28-29 – Whipple and Davis Memorial –  trail work, clearing a prescribed fire line

Nov 18 – Springville March or Collier –  boardwalk leveling

Jan 20 – Siegenthaler Esker – woody vegetation removal and winter burn

Feb 10 – Blackhand Gorge –  re-routing a trail, woody vegetation removal

Mar 16-17 – Eagle Creek – repositioning an existing bridge 

April 13 – TBA – garlic mustard pull –

May 4 – Davey Woods – garlic mustard and dame’s rocket pull