Friday, August 12

Clintonville: 18 observers (hey, great turnout!) counted 314 swifts at Bishop Watterson HS and 440 at Dominion Middle School.

Dublin: Observers counted a great total of 1,124 swifts at Sells Middle School; they also noted 1 Big Brown B and 7 Little Brown Bats, all of which were chased away by the swifts.

Saturday, August 13

Clintonville: Observers counted 140 swifts at Bishop Watterson HS. That’s between the raindrops!

Dublin: 4 hearty folks watched dark clouds swirling but rain held off until the end. The count was somewhere between 933 and 1040 — hey, it’s really tough to count swifts against a dark background of clouds! In addition, observers saw 1 Common Nighthawk and 1 Little Brown Bat. The first swifts entered the chimney at 7:57, rather early likely because of the gloomy conditions, with the last at 8:49. 

Sunday, August 14

Clintonville: Observers counted 433 swifts at Bishop Watterson HS, with the first swift in the chimney at 8:31 pm and the last in at 8:53, and 260 at Dominion Middle School, first in at 8:38 and last in at 8:50.. No rain, and lovely purple-pink clouds!

Dublin: Observers counted 1156 swifts tonight. The first swift entered the chimney at 8:05 pm, the last one went in at 8:48.

Thanks to all counters for helping with this important Citizen Science project.