Chimney Swift Pair in Flight - Photo Paul and Georgean Kyle

Again this year, the weather cooperated at Indian Spring Elementary School, although Saturday and Sunday were just a bit windier than optimal. (But we all admit that the breeze felt great!) On Sunday, we had quite an audience as the Clintonville Roller Club was on location again, skating gigantic circles through the parking lot. Several of them were interested in what we were doing (and we were interested in their superb skating, too), and came over to learn more – it’s always good to spread the word about Chimney Swifts.

Special thanks to the following counters: Colleen Sharkey, Bill Heck, and Susan Moore. We had two additional counters on Saturday, but failed to get their names: if you were there and are reading this, please let us know!

Incredibly, Sells Middle School in Dublin had no swifts on the only count day there, Friday, September 10. This location has been extremely reliable over the years, and we have no explanation for the lack of swifts this time.

Our newest swift count was at Worthington Colonial Heights Elementary, where Madeline Wellman had great nights Saturday and Sunday. Madeline just started covering Colonial Heights last year, but this site is producing our best Chimney Swift numbers. Thank you Madeline!

DateFriday, September 10Saturday, September 11Sunday, September 12Average
Clintonville: Indian Springs317449315360
Dublin: Sells00
Worthington: Colonial Hills
Swift Counts