Friday, September 9

Dublin: 45 Observers counted an outstanding total of 1,533 swifts at Sells Middle School.

Saturday, September 10

Clintonville: Observers counted 305 swifts at Indian Springs Elementary School. Conditions were poor, with a light but steady rain and heavy overcast making for a gloomy evening. The flock assembled very quickly and very early: a rather disorganized flock appeared out of nowhere just before 7:15, and “bursts” of birds almost immediately began dropping into the chimney. Almost all of the birds were in the chimney by about 7:30.

Dublin: Observing conditions were poor. Observers gave a rough estimate of 1,000 swifts, but no exact count was not made.

Sunday, September 11

Clintonville: What a difference from a day ago! About 10 observers counted 402 swifts at Indian Springs Elementary School. Conditions were superb: clear skies and mild temperatures. The flock assembled much later than the night before, with the first few swifts entering the chimney at 8:05. They birds then took a break of almost 10 minutes before more birds started in. The rush was on at that point, with the last bird entering the chimney at about 8:18.

Dublin: Conditions also were excellent at Sells Middle School. About 10 observers counted 750 swifts entering the chimney.

Thanks to all counters for helping with this important Citizen Science project.