Chimney Swift - Photo Shawn Taylor

All three night featured perfect weather for the Clintonville team at Indian Springs Elementary School. On Friday, five people were present. On Saturday, 20 people were on hand to watch and count, while another several families on the playground seemed interested and became caught up in the spectacle. Sunday saw fewer spectators but evn more swifts. Our swift counts are shown in the table below.

Special thanks to the following counters:

  • John and Gerry Brevoort (Friday, Saturday)
  • John Finn (Friday, Saturday, Sunday)
  • Tim and Kathy Grannan (Saturday)
  • Bill and Mary Heck (Friday, Saturday, Sunday)

Friday and Sunday featured good weather for the Dublin count at John Sells Middle School, but Saturday’s count was hampered by overcast skies and light rain. Saturday evening was a very special night for counter Darlene Sillick, as she got to release two rehabilitated Chimney Swift fledglings, only to see other swifts swooping down as if to help the two newcomers find their way. A magical evening….

Our newest swift cou

Our newest swift count, Madeline Wellman, was at the Clintonville site on Friday and was so impressed that she volunteered to count at Colonial Heights Elementary in Worthington, a site that we have never covered in Swift Night Out. Liz Jaggers assisted as well. Thank you both!

Madeline also reports that swift numbers have been steadily increasing for several days after the count weekend.

Our newest swift counter, Madeline Wellman, counted at another new site: the United Methodist Church in Worthington.

DateFriday, August 13Saturday, August 14Sunday, August 15Average
Clintonville: Indian Springs 473543640552
Dublin: Sells 21975221220*
Worthington: Colonial Hills 361361
Worthington: Methodist Church100100
Swift Counts (*Dublin average excludes Saturday)