What Do Birding (and Nature) Mean to You?

Red-tailed Hawk - Photo Earl Harrison

Our friends at the Zumbro Valley Audubon Society in Minnesota what birding means for them, and we would like to share their thoughts with you.

  • More outdoor time – less time spent sitting by a computer
  • More exercise – mostly leisurely walks, but sometimes all day adventures: long walks, bicycle rides in the country, or even rugged treks in the hills.
  • Mental challenges – finally figuring out the warblers – even the fall ones.
  • A little competition – Try beating your own old records. But be sure to simply enjoy each day with or without keeping a list.
  • New places to go and new friends to go with.
  • A greater understanding of plants, trees and habitat, because if you want to see birds it’s easier to find them if you know where they like to hang out.

And how about a new year’s resolution? Make 202 the year when you really experience the natural world! Let the breeze in through an open window, create a more natural backyard oasis, take walks through the neighborhood or at a local park. Explore. Because people who get to know nature know why it’s important to protect what we have left.