Yes, It’s CA’s 2017 Bird Seed Fundraiser

Carolina Chickadee - Photo Earl Harrison

The thermometer says that it’s finally winter. That means it’s time to stock your bird feeding pantry!

Columbus Audubon’s Bird Seed Fundraiser is a perfect way to provide quality seeds and seed blends and lend a helping hand to both birds and Columbus Audubon. We offer a seed blend for every budget and every habitat, along with peanuts and suet cakes to attract insect-eating and woodland species. Of course, traditional favorites such as Oil Sunflower, Sunflower Chips, Safflower and White Millet are on the menu as well.

This year we introduced a new blend: WBU No Mess/No Sprout blend containing sunflower chips, peanut pieces and hulled millet. This blend attracts all seed eating birds; it’s noted for its appeal to atypical feeder species such as bluebirds, robins, crossbills and the occasional migrating warbler. There are no shells to litter the ground, and no sprouting seeds!

You can order your bird seed right now: click here to order

Columbus Audubon’s Bird Seed Fund Raiser is one of our major fund raising events of the year, and all proceeds go directly to help fund our many projects. Please consider purchasing your bird seed from Columbus Audubon this season, and give a bag or two as gifts to your family and friends!