Columbus Audubon

September 19, 2020
Polar Bear - Photo Courtesy of National Park Service

Byrd Center Symposium on Climate Change

The Byrd Polar and Climate Research Center is one of the United States’ premier climate research facilities — and you can join their big event for […]
September 10, 2020
Patsy Deerhake

Everyday Heroes: Patsy Deerhake

The Columbus Dispatch recently honored Clintonville resident Patsy Deerhake as an “Everyday Hero”. We at Columbus Audubon salute Patsy as well — she took the lead […]
September 10, 2020
Northern Cardinal - Photo Alan Schmierer

Climate Presentation: Recording Available

If you want to hear Dr Terry Root's September 8 climate presentation again, or you missed it the first time, a recording is now available.
September 4, 2020
Rocky Fork Metro Park Wetland - Photo Kim Martin

Working Wetlands Webinar

Do you own or manage a wetland area, whether large or small? Do you want to learn more about how wetlands can work for you? The […]
August 29, 2020
Monarch Butterfly on Swamp Milkweed

Happy Anniversary, Nature Scoop!

August was the 14-year anniversary of Nature Scoop, the online newsletter published by our friend, Toni Stahl. Congratulations Toni, and thanks for your hard work. Special […]